A Day at the Beach

A Day at the Beach: A Black Widow Story

Synopsis: Desperate con-artist, Daniel Minchin – disguised as his voluptuous alter-ego, Priscilla Ellington – goes to the beach with his new victim in a string bikini. When a wave crashes into him and takes his bikini bottoms with it, Minchin must race against time to find a way to hide his giant schlong, save himself from exposure and public humiliation, and keep his scam alive.

Priscilla Ellington stepped daintily out of the gun-metal gray Mercedes, as her boyfriend – wealthy coal-mine owner, Bruce Dunlevie – held the door open for her. Priscilla rewarded her boyfriend’s chivalry by coming to stand next to him, tilting her cute, little face up toward his, and gently patting the bulge in his black board shorts. The bulge in Dunlevie’s shorts grew to comical proportions following his girlfriend’s action, eliciting a giggle from Priscilla as a result. Daniel Minchin – the diabolical, male con-artist hidden underneath the thick layers of makeup that were the beautiful Ms. Ellington – was less amused at seeing his victim’s ‘King Snake’ (as he was forced to call it) grow to full size than his female alter-ego. He shuddered as his mind imagined seeing it again in all its hulking glory tonight.

After Dunlevie had shut the door, Minchin shouldered his black, leather purse and extracted from it a pair of aviator sunglasses. He placed the stylish, ladies’ shades over his eyes. Resting atop Minchin’s small, slightly upturned nose, the lenses of the glasses reflected the scene before him. A cloudless blue sky hung suspended above him, meeting an even darker blue on the horizon in the distance. That darker blue was the Pacific Ocean, in which Minchin and his new victim were about to swim.

“Ready to go, babe?” Dunlevie asked Minchin in his deep, authoritative voice.

“As always,” Minchin said suggestively, in a deep but still feminine woman’s voice.

The erection tenting the fabric of Dunlevie’s shorts held firm upon hearing his girlfriend’s answer.


The tar under Minchin’s feet was hot and rough as he pranced alongside the graying, forty-eight-year-old man that was his new victim. He traversed the car park with short, light steps as a woman would, with one foot crossing directly in front of the other. Dunlevie insisted that he and Minchin link arms as they walk, and Priscilla’s arm hung loosely over the bend in her boyfriend’s elbow as they progressed toward the sandy path.

The mottled tar soon gave way to smooth sand as they trudged onto it, and they immediately found themselves weaving their way through the crowds on the small beach.

Groups of beautiful women swarmed the area, some hanging off the arms of attractive surfer dudes of Minchin’s age. The conman watched with envy as a muscled, shirtless man passionately snogged a spectacular young woman at the base of the lifeguard tower, manipulating her head with one hand on the back of her skull, while fondling one of her cushy buttocks with the other. His eyes narrowed and his face hardened as he watched the pair make-out. Even though he considered himself – Daniel Minchin – an alpha male – more deserving of the beautiful, blonde Elle McPherson-lookalike than that random surfing idiot, the only person he would be kissing and fondling today was going to be a hairy Italian man twice his age.

Eventually, the pair found a spot on the beach to set down their things. Minchin laid down a couple of towels for himself and his victim and then placed his purse on top of one.

“I’ll be back in a minute, gorgeous,” Dunlevie said to Minchin, just before he gave the irritated conman a quick peck on the cheek.

“Where are you going, baby?” Minchin asked in the ditsiest voice he could muster.

Dunlevie extended a hairy arm toward the bathrooms. “I’m gonna go take a piss.”

Minchin forced a smile. “You’re so vulgar,” he said teasingly.

“You love it,” Dunlevie said with a grin. “Don’t pretend you don’t.”

Minchin feigned another amused look, just before his victim turned and made his way up to the bathroom with his head held high.

In the light of the mid-morning sun, Minchin lowered his ample behind down onto his pink, Playboy towel and leaned back. He propped himself up with both hands behind him, and he drew his knees up in front of him, holding them tightly together. In this position, Minchin surveyed the surgical monstrosity that was his feminized body.

The scammer’s impressive rack was covered (barely) by a white, string bikini. The pink, fleshy mounds spilled out of both sides of the white triangles which covered them, giving the legions of horny men on the beach plenty of sideboob and even underboob to gape at. The nipples jutting out of the front of each of Minchin’s boobs swelled and hardened in the chilly breeze blowing in from the ocean, to the delight of a tall, curly-haired man a few meters away who couldn’t take his eyes off them. Minchin shot the man a dark look, and the man responded by immediately averting his gaze.

Minchin reached into his purse and felt around. By touch, he recognized his pack of Winfield Blue cigarettes, as well as – to his chagrin – the pack of tampons he kept in there for appearances – until he found what he was looking for. A blue and yellow tube of sunscreen emerged from the purse, gripped by Minchin’s slender fingers, the nails of which had been painted a sparkly pink that morning.

The scammer removed the top from the tube and then squeezed some of the white cream it contained into the palm of his hand. Then, he began to coat his body with the substance, rubbing it over his neck and shoulders. He felt naked as he rubbed the lotion into his boobs and under his bra into his hardened nipples, knowing that many men were watching him closely as he did so, no doubt hiding the stiff tree-trunks in their shorts from their oblivious girlfriends. Minchin ignored them and moved down further, rubbing yet more cream onto his flat stomach and then over his magnificent set of childbearing hips. He parted his legs slightly after that, making room for his hand to apply the lotion to the inside of his thighs and under the giant dick he had tightly stowed away in his white bikini bottoms.

The scammer locked his knees back together when he was done protecting his skin from the harmful effects of UV radiation, just before he heard a now familiar voice to his right.

Dunlevie lowered himself to the towel beside Minchin, close enough for their semi-naked bodies to touch. He turned to Minchin, and a smile formed amongst his beard. “Can I help you with that, gorgeous?”

Minchin knew to what he was referring. He reluctantly handed the man the tube of sunscreen, prompting Dunlevie to empty some of its contents into his hand, and then to rub it on Priscilla Ellington’s petite back. Minchin felt the man’s large, meaty paws traversing his skin. Dunlevie’s movements were gentle, almost reverent, but Minchin felt the power in his strong fingers. Minchin gulped as he stared at the sandy ground next to his closed legs. The strength Minchin felt in the hands attempting to exult Priscilla’s back reminded him that, if Dunlevie discovered his secret before his plan was complete, he would be in serious trouble. Thanks to his feminine exploits, Minchin hadn’t lifted weights in over a year, and, as a result, he had the upper body strength of the lady he was pretending to be.

Eventually, Dunlevie’s gentle strokes ceased. He followed them up by wrapping his arms around the crossdressing conman – utterly ensconcing him – and kissing the guy on the forehead. Then, he rose and extended a hand down toward him. “Come,” he commanded.

Minchin obeyed.


Minchin swept his long, blonde mane over his shoulders as he was led by the hand like a small child down to the ocean. His feet sunk into the sand as the surf washed over it. The scammer and Dunlevie edged their way into the freezing ocean, taking small steps to give their bodies a chance to adjust to the change in temperature. Eventually, they were deep enough for all but their heads to be enveloped by the water.

They stayed there for a time, jumping as the waves rushed in on their way to the shore. Dunlevie smiled as Priscilla enjoyed herself, laughing and giggling like the airheaded bimbo Minchin wanted her to be, and appearing utterly transfixed by the ocean’s movements.

Even though Minchin’s alter-ego was having fun, the malevolent conman behind the figurative curtain most certainly was not. Each time the waves washed over him, he felt their power pull at his long, blonde wig. The fact that it was now soaked and matted to the sides of his face didn’t help matters, either, since the water added a heaviness to it that wasn’t usually there. Each crash of the waves threatened to unmask him, revealing to both his victim and the men and women enjoying the ocean around him that Priscilla Ellington was evidently not who she claimed to be.

Seagulls passed over Minchin, Dunlevie, and the rest of the crowd, just as something happened that took the disguised conman’s mind off his wig problem.

It appeared that Minchin wasn’t the only one having wardrobe malfunction issues.

A stunning, large-breasted redhead not too far away from Minchin and Dunlevie had just had her bikini top stolen by the waves. The conman watched on with glee as the woman’s boobs flopped out and she scrambled to cover the wobbling masses from the watchful eyes of the men, women, and children around her. He watched her closely as her boyfriend attempted to retrieve her pink bikini top before the ocean took it to the shore. To the bemusement of all the men around her – including the one in women’s clothing – the boyfriend was successful. The disrobed woman quickly dipped beneath the water to strap herself back into the garment. Minchin scowled with disappointment as the woman emerged from the water clothed.

Minchin watched the woman for a time after this, even though the delightful spectacle was over. As he did, he realized something that made his stomach drop. That woman was wearing a string bikini, just like he was. He’d remembered hearing that clothes like this often had a tendency to come off in the ocean. His heart began to race as he realized that there was a decent chance that nature may at any moment expose Daniel Minchin to the world.

Minchin would’ve contemplated this further, but he didn’t have time. Another situation presented itself.

Dunlevie came up behind Minchin. He felt the man’s arms snake around his comparatively small body, encircling his torso underneath his boobs, and placed his hands on Minchin’s abs. He then began massaging the scammer’s stomach gently with his sausage-like thumbs, and started swaying himself and Minchin from side to side.

“Do you like this, princess?” Dunlevie asked Minchin, referring to the cool water and the beautiful beach.

Minchin sneered as he heard his least favorite pet name of all time spoken softly, directly into his eardrum.

“I do, baby,” Minchin said absently, his attention taken up by a barely-dressed young woman mounting a boogie board while attempting to contain her tits. Like all the other heterosexual men on the beach, he was eager to catch a glimpse of another nip slip.

“Good,” Dunlevie whispered, before he reached up and began fondling Minchin’s left boob.

It started out as light squeezing. Minchin clenched his teeth as Dunlevie compressed and manipulated his left tit beneath the surface of the roiling water.

Minutes passed like this, before both of Dunlevie’s hands were in play, squashing both of the scammer’s titties again and again.

Dunlevie’s hitherto gentle cadence turned more aggressive after a time. He kneaded Priscilla’s boobs with more force, and Minchin strained to keep it together in the face of the tremendous amounts of discomfort he was experiencing.

A man and his teenaged son waded past Dunlevie and Minchin as all of this was going on. The father greeted the twisted couple warmly, by smiling and treating them to an enthusiastic ‘good morning.’

Dunlevie nodded in reply, and Minchin let out a hysterical, high-pitched “good morning!” just as his right nipple was pinched.

The friendly passerby double took at Priscilla as she smiled manically, wondering why she’d answered so loudly and why her voice broke as she did so.

Minchin continued to smile broadly after he left. Dunlevie wasn’t pulling any punches at all with his torturous squeezing, and all Minchin could do if he weren’t to break character as the perfect, submissive girlfriend was to smile widely to mask the horrific trauma he was going through.

That trauma ceased a few minutes later. Minchin, though relieved that Dunlevie had stopped giving him the sick massage he had been administered, wondered why he had stopped so abruptly.

As it turns out, even though Minchin’s day was bad, it was about to get worse.

Moments after another wave crashed over Minchin’s head, almost taking his wig with it, the scammer felt a subtle yet terrible feeling on his back.

Dunlevie had undone the string in the middle of his back and beneath his shoulder blades. His bikini top was now free.

Minchin’s body went rigid as he felt Dunlevie liberate him from his feminine undergarment. He turned just in time to see the man stuff said garment into one of his shorts’ side pockets.

“What are you doing, baby?” Minchin asked in a shaky version of his girl-voice, as Dunlevie’s hands resumed their former positions on the conman’s squishy tits. He wouldn’t have been worried about going braless in the ocean if they were alone, but the plethora of insanely attractive, half-naked women around him added a new level of terribleness to his predicament. Even though he was dressed as a woman from head to toe, ever the narcissist, the last thing Daniel Minchin wanted was for women to see his boobs. His ultimate shame. The two hunks of flesh which marked him as defeated, destroyed, and outwitted by another man, that man being Benjamin Davis, his last victim. The two surgical horrors that, at least for now, marked him as another man’s plaything.

Dunlevie leaned down in response to Minchin’s question. He positioned his mouth right next to the con-artist’s ear, and whispered one word as his reply:


Minchin’s blood ran cold at his lover’s response. Then, a millisecond later, a yelp tore from his lips as Dunlevie clamped his hands around the smaller man’s boobs, flattening them to half their size, and threatening to make the implants inside bust from the pressure. Minchin’s feet flailed wildly as he kicked them under the water, and struggled to pull the man’s hands from the two most vulnerable areas of his body. The scammer flipped out as Dunlevie tightened his grip further, and his victim laughed maniacally as he finally let Minchin go.

Minchin panted as he held his assaulted funbags, and looked up at his boyfriend – who grinned widely at the proceedings – with utter fury.

When Dunlevie came up behind Minchin again, the scammer’s nostrils flared, and his eyes narrowed.

“Sssh,” Dunlevie whispered to him, stroking the side of his cheek with the tip of his index finger. “It’s okay.”

Minchin didn’t believe a word of that. Still, he let the man do his thing, continuing to seethe all the while. Becoming a billionaire, he knew, wasn’t going to be easy.

The conman flinched as Dunlevie coiled his arms around him again. He was worried about another titty-torture. But, it appeared that his victim had other plans.

Minchin – to his relief – felt the man’s hands settle on the sides of his hips. Dunlevie kept his hands in that position for a while, as the pair enjoyed the salt water smell of the ocean and now much gentler motion of the waves.

So much time passed in silence like this that Minchin almost began to drift off in the man’s embrace. That is, until something else happened.

An enormous wave hit Minchin and Dunlevie, its force driving Dunlevie and Minchin forward. The crossdressing con-artist held his wig for dear life as the current surged past him. When it did, Minchin breathed a sigh of relief – his wig was still firmly in place.

His serenity, however, was short-lived.

As Minchin stood amongst the crowd of people and in front of the freakishly tall Italian man that was his lover, he realized that he hadn’t withstood the unusually strong wave’s assault as well as he’d thought.

The scammer stood there, staring wide-eyed at nothing in particular, as the reality of what had just happened hit him.

The two, white triangles that had up until now rested around his hips and contained his tucked manhood were no longer there.

The waves must have undone the two bows which held them together.

Daniel Minchin was no longer wearing bikini bottoms, he realized.

The 8-inch monster that clearly identified him as anything but a woman had been released from its feminine prison.

Daniel Minchin’s dick was now free.

He was now entirely naked under the water.

As soon as another wave rocked Minchin, his almost golf ball-sized balls popped out of the cavities which he’d pushed them up into that morning to hide them, and filled his scrotum. Minchin visibly flinched at the strange, stinging sensation that accompanied his balls springing back into their natural positions. The man quickly stuffed his balls between his legs and brought his thighs tightly together. Both the conman’s testicles and penis were now behind his thighs, waiting for any moment when their owner’s legs would part and allow them to move back into their rightful places sticking out in front of him. If it weren’t for the rippling, dark blue water around him, the jig would’ve already been up, but the water was concealing the situation for the time being.

With his temporary solution in place, Minchin spun around wildly, attempting to locate his missing ladies’ swimwear. It took him a moment to do so successfully, but that success did not bring the conman any joy whatsoever. In the minute it had taken him to get his train back on the rails, the two triangles that had once hidden Daniel Minchin’s crotch cannon had been swept out to sea. He could only just make them out in the distance, floating away on the horizon far away from him and the group of people around him. There was no use trying to swim for them – they were already too far away.

Minchin’s heart went into overdrive as the panic took him. He cast his eyes to the beach and stared helplessly at his Playboy towel. It was his only hope of escaping the ocean without Dunlevie – and every man, woman, and child there – finding out that the beautiful, blonde bimbo in the ocean – the object of every man’s attention and the envy of all the women around her – was, in fact, a man.

Oh no! the conman cried internally, as his heart sunk. My bikini bottoms!

No amount of internal laments, though, would bring his clothing back.

He needed to come up with a plan.

His mind had only just begun to process all of this, however, before another situation presented itself.

He saw Dunlevie coming up behind him out of the corner of his eye, and he noticed that the man was opening his arms wide – likely looking to embrace Priscilla.

Minchin knew there was no time to waste. He immediately reached down and brought his dick out in front of him, clamping his thighs together again after he did. He executed the maneuver just in time. Dunlevie came up right behind him only a moment later, and Minchin felt the man’s dick press into the spot underneath his ass crack – the very spot that the conman’s family jewels had been only milliseconds before.

“What’s the matter, baby?” Dunlevie asked Priscilla softly. “You’re looking a little pale. What’s up?”

Minchin wasn’t at all surprised to hear that the color had drained out of his face. He was in a crowd of people, only inches away from being publicly exposed in the most humiliating way imaginable, and he was helpless to stop it. “I’m just feeling sooky,” Minchin said girlishly. “It’s nothing to worry about. I’m okay.”

Dunlevie wrapped his arms around Minchin’s waist. Minchin’s entire body stiffened as he realized just how close the tip of his dick was to touching the man’s thick, hairy forearm.

Minchin’s victim spent some time in this position, stroking Minchin’s abs with his thumbs as he did before, while Minchin shook with worry about how close he was to exposure. It wasn’t until a few minutes had passed that he realized what Minchin had realized not too long ago.

When Dunlevie moved his hands onto Priscilla’s hips, the two strings that he expected to find, holding up her bikini, were no longer there.

Dunlevie pushed the side of his face into Minchin’s as he leaned over the conman’s shoulder. “What’s this about, baby?”

Minchin’s body vibrated with nervousness, and his eyes were wide as Dunlevie’s hand began to explore his firm buttocks and his enlarged hips. He swallowed before answering. “I just thought I’d try something a bit different today,” Minchin answered quickly, unable to entirely keep the quiver out of his voice. He wasn’t sure why he lied and just didn’t say that he’d lost his bikini bottoms; lying just came naturally to him by now.

Minchin’s answer seemed to please Dunlevie. He smiled broadly. “Oooh,” he breathed. “Is my good Christian girlfriend looking for a little premarital fun?”

Minchin’s breasts heaved up and down as he started to hyperventilate. This was the most nerve-wracking situation he’d ever experienced. “No, baby. Please protect my chastity.”

Dunlevie hesitated, then nodded.

He had been placated for now.

But Minchin was still well and truly screwed.

He needed a plan.

He needed one now.

He searched his surroundings for something – anything – he could use to hide his dick, all the while holding Dunlevie’s hands with his own, subtly guiding them away from the gigantic penis that they were now only inches away from.

Eventually, Minchin spotted a ray of hope in the darkness. When he spotted a woman being piggybacked by her boyfriend just a few meters away, he got an idea.

There were clothes he could wear in the water.

They were everywhere, in fact; all around him.

There were more bikinis in that water to choose from than there were in a ladies clothing outlet in a shopping mall.

But, there was only one problem:

They were all around the hips of the other women.

Minchin’s stomach churned as he contemplated the maneuvers he was going to have to pull off. He was going to have to steal women’s clothing from one of the women who owned it, without her realizing it, while she was wearing it.

Minchin contemplated how he was going to pull it off – literally – when Dunlevie interrupted him again.

Still transfixed by his girlfriend’s sudden nudity, he moved around in front of her and began to beam down at her.

Minchin immediately shoved his meat back between his thighs, and he held his legs shut to prevent any kind of access.

Dunlevie stared dumbly at Priscilla over the sparkling water between them, and Minchin smiled back with his head slightly tilted to the side.

“I love you,” Dunlevie said, with an earnestness that made Minchin sick.

“I love you, too,” Minchin replied dutifully, still repulsed by the idea of issuing such a proclamation – no matter how hollow – to another man.

Dunlevie’s smile widened, and he reached out to bring the conman’s shivering body to his. Minchin once again found himself in the large man’s embrace, with his boobs, stomach, and flat crotch pressing against his flesh under the water.

The perverted fraudster frowned as he felt Dunlevie’s stiff dick poking aggressively into Priscilla Ellington’s ‘map of Tasmania’ (an Australian slang term for a woman’s triangular-shaped crotch), and he frowned even more when Dunlevie’s wandering hands found their way onto his buttocks – again only inches away from Priscilla’s very unladylike schlong.

Dunlevie began squeezing Minchin’s butt, kneading the scammer’s pillowy bottom with his large hands. Minchin tried to pull away when he felt the guy’s left hand graze one of his bulging testicles, but Dunlevie held his ‘girlfriend’ firmly in place.

The buxom conman’s ribcage began to expand and contract once again as worry took him – Dunlevie was unknowingly brushing past the sides of his junk with the insides of his hands. Minchin’s plan to become a billionaire was now only one hand movement away from being completely ruined, as was public humiliation. Riches beyond Minchin’s wildest dreams, public humiliation, and even his safety, were at stake here. If Dunlevie discovered Priscilla’s secret, depending on how he reacted, Minchin could be placed in mortal danger. He needed to do something.

“Baby…” Minchin said softly, prompting Dunlevie to back up a bit to look his girlfriend in the eyes while she spoke. “I need to go to the bathroom.”

“That’s fine,” Dunlevie said, reaching out and gently cupping one of Minchin’s cheeks. “Let’s go.”

“No, no,” Minchin said quickly, his voice urgent and high-pitched. “I’m a big girl. I can go alone. I’ll be right back.”

“Okay,” Dunlevie said. “But hurry.”

Minchin reached up and brushed his thumb lightly over the man’s bottom lip. “I will.”

As Minchin began to swim away, Dunlevie called after him. “Oh, hey, Priscilla!”

Minchin shut his eyes and exhaled slowly, willing the anger of being called such a ridiculous name in front of all the beautiful women enjoying themselves in the water around him away. He turned back to Dunlevie and raised an eyebrow.

“Don’t you want this?” The scammer’s victim raised Minchin’s bikini top above the surface of the water for him to see.

Minchin didn’t need it, but he nodded anyway. Even though his semi-buoyant milkers didn’t need support in the ocean, he was eager to cover the bastards up.

Dunlevie threw the bikini top to Minchin, who caught it with one hand. The conman raised the white garment over his head, placed the triangles over his nipples, and did it up with a bow at the back. Then, Minchin forced Priscilla to wink at Dunlevie, and weaved his way through the crowds until he was out of his victim’s sight. He took a moment to gather himself before surveying the area and coming up with a plan.

Eventually, Minchin spotted a couple of women on their own away from the group and near a rocky outcropping about twenty meters away. They were wearing string bikinis just like Minchin was, and one of the girls was even wearing a white one. The women were small and feminine, and they were smiling and throwing a beach ball to one another. They were alone, generally unaware of their surroundings, were wearing the kind of undies that Minchin needed, and didn’t look intimidating at all. Minchin smiled his first genuine smile that day. He may get out of this yet.

Minchin waded over to the edge of the group and watched the women intently with his head just above the water. Watching their slender bodies move this way and that as they tossed the ball back and forth between one another turned Minchin on greatly. Before all of this went down, he often went down to the beach back in Britain just to have a perv on the local ladies. And, as was often the case back then, his body reacted as any real man’s would.

Minchin’s flaccid cock swelled outward, hardening and lengthening out before him. The scammer couldn’t see this occurring underneath the surface of the water, but he could feel it throbbing to attention down there.

As the conman continued to watch the women, his mind began to wander away from the situation and his original plan. He was in no hurry, he realized, and it had been ages since he’d had a decent wank. He needed to release his sexual energy – which had been pent up for so long – somehow, and now was as good a time as any.

Minchin took his penis in one hand, and, as he watched the two women do their thing while laughing their thin little laughs and smiling their cute, feminine smiles, he began to move his grip back and forth over his incredible shaft.

The two women – and the crowd of women around him – were oblivious to the fact that the gorgeous blonde chick on her lonesome in the water spent the next five minutes wanking a massive cock underneath the waves: a massive, fire hose-like cock that logic would dictate a pretty, little thing like her could not possibly have.

Eventually, Minchin brought himself to orgasm, and Priscilla’s face smiled as the man controlling her jizzed shamelessly in the water. Then, he got back on track.

Minchin waded closer to the girls. He stopped just a ways away, on the other side of the rocks. There, he looked down at the water and thought. Sticking his head under there was bound to take his wig off. He didn’t necessarily need it underwater, though – it wouldn’t be necessary to maintain appearances since the water would make him effectively invisible. He figured he’d just rip it off when he was under there. So, that’s exactly what he did.

Minchin held his blonde mane on his head as he sucked in the biggest breath he could and dipped down below the surface of the water. Once he was safely underneath and out of the public’s view, he ripped the wig off and held it in one hand. Then, he quickly swam over to the girls.

The unwigged conman gritted his teeth as he did. This was sick. The whole thing was sick. He never would’ve thought even a few years ago that his life would end up like this. He never thought that his life would reach a point where all that stood between him and total annihilation was a pair of women’s underwear.

Minchin could see the women easy enough underwater; everything was a lot clearer looking from the water toward the sky. He watched the girls continue to play their games, and admired their lean, shapely legs as he did so.

His eyes eventually fell on his twisted prize: the white string bikini resting around the hips of the woman closest to him.

Or, at least he thought it was a string bikini. Now that he was closer, he discovered that the woman’s bikini top and bottom combo was only half a string bikini. The top was string, but the bottom was just a high cut set of white, regular bottoms. There were no bows on the sides of the undies, and thus they couldn’t be easily removed by untying the strings.

Minchin didn’t have time to dawdle, however. He was quickly running out of air.

Instead of hanging around waiting to plan his next move, he made the only move he could.

The conman came to a stop just behind the lady, reached up with his two hands, inserted his fingers into the sides of the woman’s tight bikini bottoms, and pulled them downward.

The woman knew something was up immediately. She kicked and flailed as the fabric concealing her modesty descended over her thighs and knees. Her frantic movements would’ve been accompanied by screaming, but all the slowly suffocating Minchin could hear was water bubbling around him.

A moment later, Minchin pulled the white garment down over the woman’s ankles and her feet. Then, he pivoted quickly, and began to swim with his prize in one hand and his wig in the other.

He didn’t get far.

His entire body jerked back when the infuriated woman above him grabbed his real hair and tugged its owner backward.

Minchin opened his mouth to let out a yell as the woman almost ripped his hair out of his scalp, but no sound came out, only bubbles.

Pain flared at the side of Minchin’s head as the woman punched his temples with her small fist and all her might.

Minchin’s made-up face contorted in agony as the woman continued to rain blows on him from above the water and pull his hair.

He turned around and pushed the woman away, but he wasn’t able to free his hair from her grasp.

He looked for another option as he choked from the lack of oxygen, and his eyes fell on a particularly vulnerable spot on the woman’s body that he could attack to end this once and for all.

The scammer held his index and middle finger straight up, and inserted both of them into the woman’s cunt. Then, he hooked those fingers, positioned his thumb on the woman’s crotch, and began to squeeze the woman’s vagina as hard as he could.

The woman thrashed about in agony, letting go of Minchin’s hair and reaching desperately for her assailed vag.

Minchin, now free, propelled himself as quickly as he could through the water, using every ounce of strength in his pathetic arms to displace the water.

He quickly rounded the group of people – who were all moving toward the now bikiniless woman near the rocks – and stopped a short distance away from them. He allowed his head out of the water for a moment, took a much-needed breath, and returned to his hiding place. There, he pushed the shaft of his colossal wang behind his thighs, and shoved his balls back into the places from which they had years ago descended. He held his testicles there with one hand while he wriggled into the stolen bikini bottoms. They were tight – almost too tight – and were extremely sheer, leaving most of the scammer’s buttocks visible, but they did the job. Daniel Minchin was once again safe.


A few minutes later, Bruce Dunlevie spotted his girlfriend working her way through the throngs of people and over to him. She bore a look of annoyance on her face, but it was quickly replaced with a smile when she spotted him.

She waved at him.

He waved back.

“Hey, beautiful,” Dunlevie said, taking Priscilla in his arms and holding her body close to his. “What took you so long?”

Priscilla smiled and gave her boyfriend a peck on the lips. “Trust me, darling,” she said, “you wouldn’t believe me if I told you.”

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