Kyle, The Birthday Girl

Synopsis: Kyle Harper has found true love. There’s only one problem: his boyfriend thinks he’s a woman. How far will Kyle go to keep his secret, and his man?

Stars were making their first appearance in the sky that evening, as Kyle pulled up behind Jack’s BMW and killed the Yaris’ engine. He took out his keys and sat back in his seat, adjusting the rear-view mirror so that he could do yet another check of his makeup. He surveyed his work for five minutes, checking to make sure that every trace of his masculine appearance had been hidden, reduced, or feminized, and then he ran his hand over his chin, ensuring that not a single hair was left of his beard. Only when those five minutes had passed was he certain – his face – Kyle Harper’s face – his true identity, had been concealed, so that only his bright, brown eyes remained.

He straightened his shiny, brunette, bob cut wig ever so slightly, before reaching over into the passenger seat to grab his silver, sequined handbag. He shouldered that handbag, checked one last time to make sure that his costume was properly in place, sighed, and opened the door.Kyle felt the cool, evening breeze on his legs as his black stiletto heels touched the kerb. His white mini dress fluttered in that breeze as he made his way past the hedges and up the stone path. His 4-inch heels clicked loudly as he did so, something that sounded both reassuring and discomforting at the same time.

Ever since Kyle – in a desperate bid to stay off the streets after losing his job and his apartment – had gotten a job as a live-in nanny for Jack and Jenna McAfee dressed as the demure Melanie Harper three months ago, he had considered this large house in the suburbs his home. Since then, it had been up to him to do all the cooking, cleaning, and washing the two people who lived in that house required, in exchange for payment and a nice place to stay. He had minded at first – the idea of being a paid housewife hadn’t sat well with the 24-year-old ex-programmer at all for the first few weeks – but, by now, he was starting to get used to it. It wasn’t like he had any alternatives; his ex-boyfriend – one of the most influential men in Silicon Valley – had ensured that he would never work as a programmer ever again, and he had received a call back from places he’d put in his resumé exactly zero times. Until he could come up with a better plan, looking after the middle-aged banker – single father, Jack – and his teenage daughter – Jenna – while dressed in women’s clothing, was what he was going to have to do. Yet again, he cursed Jack for requiring that only women apply for the position – he apparently didn’t trust strange men around his daughter. If only he knew the awkward position Jack’s paranoid requirement put the broke, crossdressing gay male walking up the driveway into.

He exhaled and looked downward as he approached the family’s front door. He surveyed his body. His bulging cleavage was the first thing he saw: his taped manboobs giving the impression that he amply filled out the bra that he was wearing underneath his dress. Beyond that, and his little, white dress showing a bit too much knee than he would have liked, he was dressed rather conservatively tonight. He’d dressed that way on purpose. He’d wanted to wear something slightly more revealing for Jack’s benefit, but he decided he wanted to maintain a more modest look around Jenna. At this point, it was clear that Jenna was beginning to look up to him as a mother figure, and Kyle took the duty of being the girl’s primary female role model very seriously, no matter how uncomfortably the idea of being a mother may have sat with him. On one hand, he was happy the girl who he’d grown to like so much over the past few months was beginning to look up to him and follow his lead, but, on the other, it made him uneasy. Just how deep was he going to get into all this? If he didn’t tell Jack and Jenna the truth soon, how was he ever going to break it to them? Did he really want Jenna to feel betrayed by another woman who she looked up to as a mother, like her biological mother had made her feel? Did he really want Jack to feel betrayed by another woman he had opened himself up to and allowed himself to get close to, the way his ex-wife had made him feel? Did he really want Jenna, an impressionable young girl, to be exposed to crossdressing, transgenderism, and homosexuality at such a young age? And at a time when what she needed right now was something normal, stable?

Kyle’s mind raced with similar questions as he reached up to press the doorbell. He did so slowly and carefully, taking care not to break the fake, pink nails attached to his fingers. The crossdressing man waited with his feet together, listening to the distant sound of traffic from the nearby highway and the sound of crickets all around him. It was not long before the door opened, and two familiar faces were revealed.

“Happy birthday, Melanie!” Jack and Jenna said in unison, both grinning like idiots and wearing conical party hats. They both blew two, small party horns at Kyle, each paper tongue flicking out at him before quickly recoiling.

Kyle looked at the two people who had obviously been waiting for him to come home bearing a goofy grin of his own, and then opened his arms wide. “Thank you!” he said in an extremely feminine, babylike voice. He leaned down and hugged Jenna tightly, lifting her momentarily off the ground before putting her back down, and then he let her go to hug Jack.

“Happy birthday, girly,” Jack said softly, as he looked into Kyle’s eyes after the hug had ended, and as he rested his hands around the smaller man’s hips. He indicated the hallway with a movement of his head. “Let’s go inside.”

Kyle smiled as Jenna closed the door behind him, and as Jack led him by the hand down the hall and into the living room. There, above the lighted fireplace, was an enormous silver banner which read: ’HAPPY BIRTHDAY, MELANIE!’

A momentary flash of anxiety and sadness flashed through Kyle’s mind as he saw the name. The banner didn’t say: ‘Happy birthday, Kyle!’ It said: ‘Happy birthday, Melanie!’. For just a moment, he let this fact get to him, before brushing it aside and letting a torrent of warm feelings take its place. There were balloons everywhere. There were milk and cookies on the table. And there were two people on either side of him holding his hands who clearly loved him. It was almost too much for Kyle to take in. He felt, more so than ever, that he had come home.

As Jack led Kyle – who was waddling rather absurdly atop his heels – to the couch, Jenna moved to retrieve something from near the fireplace. Kyle watched with interest as he sat down, wondering what the child was doing.

It didn’t take him long to find out. He draped one of his legs over the other as Jenna came close to him, worried that the girl might see something she shouldn’t if he didn’t, even though he was fully tucked. It was then that he got a look at what was in her hand:
A silver tiara and a circle of pink fabric.

Jenna climbed up on the couch with some effort and held up the tiara for Kyle to see. Kyle nodded at her, and Jenna, having gotten the permission she was wordlessly seeking, placed the tiara on top of Melanie’s head. Even though the tiara wasn’t his thing, Kyle couldn’t help but smile at the kid, as well as Jack who was looking approvingly at the newly-crowned birthday princess.

With Jack’s help, Jenna moved the circle of fabric over Kyle’s head, leaving one side of it on his shoulder, and pulling the other down to his waist. When they twisted it around, Kyle realized what the pink circle was:

It was a sash. A sash that identified its wearer as the ‘Birthday Girl’.

Kyle grinned at both of them, basking in the positive energy that filled the room, and the warm feeling welling in his stomach, even though his new sash’s sentiment clashed severely with his knowledge of what was stashed inside his floral-patterned panties.
“Happy birthday, darling,” Jack said, wrapping his arms around Kyle’s shoulders and bringing him closer to him. “Again.”

Kyle giggled.

Kyle stole a few glances at Jack when the larger man let him go. He had done that more than a few times since he’d moved into his home. The man was wearing a white singlet that showed off a set of thick biceps and enormous shoulders that Kyle didn’t think he possessed. The crossdressing nanny had never seen Jack in anything so revealing before; the man tended to wear clothes that didn’t show off his body. He had no idea why he did this – if Kyle had Jack’s muscled arms, broad shoulders, chiseled pecs, and six-pack abs, he’d be walking around shirtless twenty-four hours a day. Assuming, of course, that he wasn’t at work.

Kyle sat there for a time, looking longingly at an oblivious Jack from his position next to him as the man interacted with his daughter. There was something about the sheer size of Jack’s body that make Kyle want to move closer to him, to be in his arms. He tasted lipstick as he gently bit his lower lip, as the image of being in Jack’s arms, of being held tightly by a muscle-bound god who made him look like tiny and insignificant in comparison. In his mind, Jack was holding Kyle – not Melanie – but, next to Jack, Kyle could barely be considered a man. Next to Jack, Kyle was nothing. In terms of strength, size, and raw masculinity, Jack was Kyle’s superior in every possible way. If anybody saw Jack and Kyle together the way Kyle saw them together in his mind, they would see Jack as the master, and Kyle as the bitch. Kyle smiled at the picture, but he knew it was just that. A picture. Jack was a straight man, and Kyle was well aware of that. Anything happening between them, Kyle knew, would be impossible. Once Kyle found another job, Melanie Harper would be no more, and he would have to disappear from Jack’s life forever. They could only play make-believe boyfriend and girlfriend for so long. But, a man could dream.

When Jenna left the room and returned holding a chocolate cake with yet another proclamation of ‘happy birthday’ written in icing on its top, he lost it completely.
A tear ran down his cheek. Never in his life had he been made to feel so special, so welcome, so cared for. It was too much. He sniffled as more tears came, running down his supple, white skin and dropping down onto his white dress. Jack held him close as he did, whispering comforting words that were tinted with his smile. Kyle cried for a full minute before extricating himself from Jack’s grasp and running his hands over the sides of his head, overwhelmed with everything.

“This is really nice, guys,” he said in his fake female voice, desperately wishing he could use his real one. “This is really, really nice.”

“I thought you’d like it,” Jack said, pouring Kyle a glass of milk and then doing the same for Jenna. “We were going to take you out to dinner, but we wanted to do something simple. We figured you’d appreciate it more if we did something here.”

Kyle leaned toward Jack, then, and placed his painted red lips on the other man’s. He pulled back, looked him in the eyes, and smiled. “You figured right.”

Twenty minutes passed as the three of them began to demolish Kyle’s birthday cake, only five of which were spent worrying about the fact that Kyle had let Jenna – an eleven-year-old kid – unknowingly witness a homosexual kiss between two men. The three of them chit-chatted and passed banter back and forth between one another until, finally, Jack stood up.

Like Kyle, Jack had been stealing glances at his employee all through his stay. Ever since ‘Melanie’ had been hired, he’d done nothing but admire her hourglass figure beneath her pretty, feminine dress; gleefully perv at the outline of her butt-cheeks and her visible panty line; watch, transfixed, as her body bobbed and swayed in time with music she sometimes listened to on the radio while doing the dishes; and hearing her singing to that music never ceased to make him smile. She liked watching her. Every sound she made, every movement she made, was beautiful. She was so beautiful tonight, in fact, that he had to keep from taking her in his arms and showing her that right there on the couch.

“Where are you going?” Kyle asked, in a soft, high-pitched voice that conveyed his disappointment at his man moving away from him.

“Don’t ask where I’m going, madam,” he responded, extending both his hands toward ‘Melanie’. “Ask where we’re going.”

“Where are we going, then?” Kyle continued, eyeing Jack’s outstretched arms with mock suspicion, as Jenna got up and positioned herself at her father’s side. “What’s going on?”

Jack grabbed Kyle’s hands and pulled him up off the couch. He patted the disguised man’s head, taking care not to dislodge his tiara which sparkled in the fire’s light. “Come with us and you’ll see.”

A few moments later, Kyle found himself standing between Jack and Jenna, in the middle of Jack’s garage. Jack flicked on the light, illuminating his Harley Davidson motorcycle parked on one side of the garage, and a large, blue object covered with a tarp that Kyle had never seen before on the other.

Jack and Jenna looked up at Kyle, waiting for him to connect the dots. When it was clear that he wasn’t going to, Jack had to do it for him.

The man not dressed in women’s clothing walked over to the tarp-covered object and then, with dramatic flair, uncovered it in one, sweeping movement.

What was revealed underneath the tarp made Kyle’s stomach drop.

It was a car.

A pink car.

A dark-pink, convertible Volkswagen Beetle.

Jack winked at Jenna above his smile, just before he looked from the shiny, new vehicle to his girlfriend.

“This isn’t…” Kyle began.

“It is,” Jack cut in.

Kyle raised his perfectly sculpted eyebrows at the man and pointed at himself. “It couldn’t be…”

Jack’s smile widened. “But it is.”

“Mine?” Kyle asked, incredulously.

Jack walked over to him and wrapped his arm around the panty-wearing man’s shoulders once more. “It’s all yours, sweetheart,” he said, dangling the keys in front of Kyle’s eyes. “You don’t have to walk or catch the train by yourself anymore when that stupid thing you drive now breaks down. This’ll get you where you need to go and keep you safe while doing it.”

To Kyle’s embarrassment, tears came to his eyes once again.

Jack had bought him a car.

A man had bought him a car.

A rather embarrassingly colored car, but a car nonetheless.

Kyle took a step towards Jack, wrapped his arms around his torso, and hugged him as tightly as he could. He felt Jack’s arms coil around him and envelope his body as he did, enjoying the feeling of his strong, protective arms around him.

“Thank you,” Kyle said earnestly, sniffling as yet more tears fell. “Thank you.”

“No worries, baby,” Jack responded.

Kyle felt something tugging gently at his skirt. It was Jenna, trying to get his attention. She held up her iPhone. “I want a picture of us,” she said.

Kyle smiled and brushed a strand of his long, artificial hair out of his face. “Same,” he said.

Jack and Kyle leaned down to Jenna’s eye level. They flanked Jenna who was holding her phone up so that the happy moment could be captured with the device’s selfie camera. The sound of an old shutter sounded, and the three happy faces on the phone’s screen froze in time. Jenna let Kyle look at the picture of the three of them, with Jack pulling a weird face, and Kyle and Jenna pulling duck faces at the camera. The disguised man smiled, but it wasn’t as broad as he would’ve liked it to be. He wasn’t there in that photo, he thought; someone else was. Some random woman with whom he didn’t quite identify. He wanted a picture of Jack, Jenna, and Kyle; not Jack, Jenna, and Melanie. Despite his misgivings, he did not let his disappointment show, and insisted that Jenna email him the image.

“Wanna take a test drive?” Jack asked, when Kyle and Jenna had finished transferring the image. He indicated the car with his index finger.

“Hells yeah,” Kyle said, still overcome with gratitude at having been given something, out of love, that would make his life substantially better. “I’d love to.”

After locking up the house and retrieving his purse, Kyle grabbed Jack and Jenna’s hands and led them over to the car.

Four amber lights flashed when Kyle hit the button on his keys to unlock the doors remotely. Kyle noted that Jack opened the back door for Jenna, saving him the trouble of doing it, and headed around to the driver’s side door.

New car smell wafted toward Kyle when he opened it, and he gaped in awe at the plush, leather seating and the clean, modern interior. He positioned his padded rump atop the driver’s seat and ensured that his tiara was on straight in the rear-view mirror.

The man pulled the seatbelt over himself while Jack opened his door and got into the passenger seat. The seatbelt came to rest in the crack between Kyle’s large, fake breasts. He had to reposition the seatbelt slightly so that it didn’t dig into his left manboob, which was bulging unnaturally out of the scoop in his dress, still creating the illusion of cleavage.

Jack and Kyle exchanged smiles before Kyle turned around to face Jenna. “Is your seatbelt on, sweetie?” he asked gently. Jenna nodded excitedly, but an almost irrational worry still gnawed at him. The demands of his surprisingly strong maternal instincts couldn’t be ignored. “Can you let me see?”

Jenna rolled her eyes and held up the seatbelt connector, proving that her seatbelt was indeed secure.

Kyle smiled and gave Jenna a playful tap on her knee. “Good girl.” Then, he turned around and positioned his hands on the steering wheel.

The garage door began to open at Jack’s command, his remote telling the electronic rolling mechanism to activate and grant them access to the outside world.

The Beetle’s engine purred to life as Kyle turned the key. He glanced one final time at Jenna to make sure she was safe and sound, then put the car into drive.

In his dress, tiara, and ‘birthday girl’ sash, Kyle pushed gently on the accelerator with the sole of his right heel, and the car glided forward out onto the road.

As he felt Jack’s hand find its way onto his thigh, Kyle felt, for the first time in his life, truly happy.

At that moment, a strange thought entered his mind.

All his life he had never really been happy. But now, as a woman, he had found happiness.

When he was a man, he had never been happy. But, sitting there now, as a woman, he could barely keep the smile off his face.

As a man, he felt lonely, unappreciated, unloved. As a woman he felt safe, needed, appreciated, and cared for.

Did Kyle really hate being a woman as much as he had believed?

The answer was quite clearly ‘no’.

At that moment, Kyle came to a decision that would, he knew, affect the rest of his life.

He had found happiness with Jack and Jenna, these two, beautiful people in that car with him.

He had found happiness and he wanted to keep it.

He didn’t want to abandon these people once he’d found another job.

He wanted to stay with them, forever.

After this car ride was over, Kyle was going to start making a plan to ensure that he could do just that.

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