Kyle, The Birthday Girl

Synopsis: Kyle Harper has found true love. There’s only one problem: his boyfriend thinks he’s a woman. How far will Kyle go to keep his secret, and his man?

Schneider’s First Dick

Joshua Schneider – a convicted murderer and drug lord sentenced to life behind bars – has escaped from prison. Disguised as a woman named Joanna Webb, Schneider plans to seduce, marry, and murder the man who ratted him out to the cops, both for revenge and to inherit the $1 million reward the man got for turning him in. In order to do this, the crossdressing criminal will have to get over his worst fear: having to suck another man’s dick.

A Day at the Beach

Desperate con-artist, Daniel Minchin – disguised as his voluptuous alter-ego, Priscilla Ellington – goes to the beach with his new victim in a string bikini. When a wave crashes into him and takes his bikini bottoms with it, Minchin must race against time to find a way to hide his giant schlong, save himself from exposure and public humiliation, and keep his scam alive.