Differences between men and women

Fundamental differences between men and women:

  • Women have boobs; men don’t.
  • Men have a dick; women have a vagina.

If it has boobs, it’s a girl. If it has a dick, it’s a man.

Fundamental differences between men and women

  • Men have short hair; women have long hair.
  • Men have balls/women don’t have testicles.
  • Men have a dick; women have a vagina.
  • Men get called He or Him; women get called She and Her.
  • Men pee standing up; women pee sitting down.
  • Men have facial hair; women don’t have beards.
  • Men have have flat chests; women have boobs.
  • Men don’t wear anything on their chests; women wear bras.
  • Men have masculine names; women have feminine names.
  • Men have deep voices; women have high-pitched voices.
  • Men are attracted to women; women are attracted to men.
  • Men wear pants; women wear dresses and skirts.
  • Men wear briefs; women wear panties.
  • Men wear shoes; women wear heels.
  • Men have body hair; women don’t have body hair.
  • Men have hairy legs; women have shaved legs.
  • Men have hairy underarms; women have smooth underarms.

Basic differences between men and women:

  • Men like blue; women like pink,
  • Men are tall; women are short.
  • Men crave pussy; women crave cock.
  • Men eat; women cook.
  • Men can go shirtless; women have to cover their chests.
  • Men are fathers; women are mothers.
  • Men are tops; women are bottoms.
  • Men are served; women serve others coffee, etc.
  • Men eat dinner; women make dinner for the family.
  • Men sit; women do the housework.
  • Men don’t wear makeup; women wear makeup.
  • Men work; women stay home and take care of the kids.
  • Men don’t get pregnant; women get pregnant and give birth.
  • Men use the men’s room/gents, women use the ladies room.
  • Men don’t wear earrings or wear them in one ear; women wear earrings in both ears.
  • Men don’t wear jewelry; women wear jewelry.
  • Women get called ‘buddy’; women get called ‘ma’am’.
  • Men sit with their legs spread; women sit with their knees together.
  • Men yell; women scream.
  • Men scratch; women don’t scratch.
  • Men stand the heat; women use a hand fan.
  • Men wear pajamas to bed; women wear nighties.
  • Men are kings; women are queens.
  • Men are princes; women are princesses.
  • Men wear a crown; women wear a tiara.
  • Men are football players; women are cheerleaders.